Founding Principles Of Our Massage Training Center

Ultimate Spa Training Academy (USTA) is a leading massage training center owned by Daniel Jonlich and Eun C. Jeoung. By working in the industry and carrying out extensive research for the past few years they came to the conclusion that there is a serious need for quality therapeutic pain relief practitioners. Do to the aging population and the desire by the same population to have a active lifestyle the need for quality massage therapists will continue to grow exponentially. Mrs. Jeoung is the school Director of Education and has been involved with skin therapy, beauty and natural healing for over 7 years, Together with their experience, drive, dedication, and determination to improve the quality of service that is needed in the Massage Therapy industry. They have developed an educational program and with their hands on experience will promote success, confidence and lifelong guidance and support for its student body, and will offer its students a focused education and hands on technical skills that will be unmatched in the field of massage therapy.

Mrs. Jeoung is a licensed massage therapist, licensed cosmetologist, and an experienced business owner and operator. Mr. Jonlich is the school Director of Finance and also the General Manager of the USTA. Mr. Jonlich is responsible for the day to day operations of the school and holds a B.S. degree in Economics & Organizational Management and minor in Business Administration. He also has extensive experience in multi-unit management with fortune 500 companies as well as a current owner of Marketing and Advertising Company, Multi Media Group, LLC

Founding Principles