Student Clinic

Student Clinic and Massage Training

The student massage clinic is an integral part of the student learning experience and development of their technical skills. This is how our students train and practice their massage and bodywork, client interaction, and professional skills on the general public under the supervision of a skilled massage instructor.

Our massage clinic is also a place of relaxation and healing; a place in which our students, graduates, and instructors can be of service to the general public. It is a place in which clients can optimize their health, experience pain relief, and seek assistance with muscle related health issues.

Treatments are performed by students who are enrolled in the Massage Therapy Training program, under the supervision of an instructor. At a minimum, students can perform a relaxation therapeutic massage and, based on where they are in their training, may not be able to deliver a great deal of pressure or pain relief, work on specific issues, or work with certain massage modalities. Students are randomly assigned to clients. For those clients who wish to request a specific therapist, gender, skill level, or specific bodywork modality, we recommend a session with one of our licensed professional therapist.

Student clinic availability varies based on the number of classes going through the program, holidays, and school breaks. The price of a 60-minute student massage is $40.

It is imperative that you read the student clinic policy before you book your first appointment, including our right to refuse service, scheduling and cancellation, informed consent clauses, and liability waiver.

Massage Therapy Program Objectives